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What should I expect during my child's eye exam?

Q: What age should I bring my child for an eye exam?

A: It is recommended that a child's first eye exam should be as early as 6 months of age.


Q: What kinds of testing will be performed if my child is not old enough to speak?

A: A child's eye exam can be a fun mix of "games" that are used to assess the mobility and binocular functioning of the eyes, visual acuity, and rule-out sight-threatening conditions. Most of the testing does not require a patient to verbalize a response in order for the doctors to assess the conditions of the eyes.



Q: As a parent, what should I do to prepare for my child's eye exam?

A: We recommend that parents observe how the child uses their eyes for their day-to-day tasks/hobbies and habits developed over time (ie. leaning in closer to reading material/ digital device, unusual head tilting, eye rubbing, frequently blinking, etc). Parents should be prepared to answer questions related to the child's medical history as well as family history (ie. any delay in child's development, known eye diseases in the family, history of seeing eye specialists in the past, previous prescription or glasses worn, etc).

Q: Can I stay in the exam room with my child during their assessment?


A: Of course! Involving the parents during the eye exam can make the experience an amazing one for the parent and the child (especially if it is the first time). As the child becomes familiar with all the testing procedures, some parents may prefer to stay outside of the room since their child feels comfortable on their own. We will still give all the updates and discuss management/treatment plans at the conclusion of each visit with all members of the family involved.

Q: What if my child doesn't complain of any eye problems, does he/she still need to see an eye doctor?

A: Visual abilities play a key role in early development. It is recommended that infants have their first eye exam at six months and then continue on an annual basis. Even if you have no concerns, your child should have a complete optometric eye exam at six months and annually throughout the school years to ensure optimal eye health and developmental progress.

Q: How often should my child have an eye exam?

A: First eye exam at 6 months of age and then at least yearly after. OHIP covers for annual eye exams until the age of 19 years old.

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