Ocular Health Assessment

Emphasis on early diagnosis and management of eye diseases, including macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, dry eye conditions, and others.

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Adult and Children Vision Testing

Vision testing in adult and pediatric population is crucial to determine if the vision is blurred due to conditions such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia. Early diagnosis of vision problems in children are important to prevent struggles with learning at school. Correction with prescription glasses may be determined during the eye exam.

Contact lens fitting

Understanding a patient's preference and lifestyle are essential to finding the most suitable contact lens. As part of the contact lens fitting experience, patients are able to try the latest daily or monthly disposables. A wide range of low to high prescriptions are available, as well as, corrections with astigmatism or multi-focal in order to accommodate most ranges.

Retinal imaging and Visual field testing

In the era of new technology, digital imaging of the posterior part of the eye is used to assess most ocular conditions. Some of the equipment used to diagnose and manage eye diseases are retinal scanning with OCT, HRT, visual field or fundus cameras.

Emergency eye care

Same day bookings are accommodated especially since some conditions may require immediate attention. Some ocular emergencies may be sudden, red and painful eyes, onset of floaters and flashes, loss of vision, corneal abrasion, ocular trauma and other scenarios that may require immediate treatment.

Laser surgery co-managing care

A thorough assessment of the corneal health, tear film stability, and prescription change will dictate whether the patient is a suitable candidate for laser corrective surgery. After laser surgery, follow-up care is provided to monitor the health of the eye.

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